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August 12, 2018

Bartłomiej Filipek, author of the well-known C++-blog: Bartek’s coding blog gave me four vouchers for his book C++ in Detail.


Recently Bartłomiej Filipek published his first book C++17 in Detail. If you’d like to learn the new standard in an effective and practical way then you can check out the book here: https://leanpub.com/cpp17indetail.

Curious? Here are the details.

The Details

Part One: C++17 Language features

  • Fixes and deprecation
  • Language clarification
  • General language features
  • Templates
  • Attributes

Part Two: C++17 The Standard Library

  • std::optional
  • std::variant
  • std::any
  • std::string_view
  • String operations
  • Filesystem
  • Parallel STL
  • Other Changes

Part Three: More Examples and Use Cases

  • Refactoring with std::optional
  • Using if constexpr
  • and more planned

As of now, the book contains over 200 pages. I plan to rewrite a few more chapters and add some new pieces – especially with larger examples. The final version should have around 250 pages.

Plans for the final version:

  • Add a chapter about string operations
  • Update chapter about Parallel STL
  • Update and rewrite chapter about filesystem
  • Add more examples to the third part
  • More polishing across the whole book

The book should be 100% ready in a few months, Autumn 2018.

Technical details:

I optimized this book for a PDF reading experience, but other ebook formats should also look good. If you have any issues with the copies, let me know and I’ll try to update the formatting.

How to Win the Vouchers?

Quite easy. You have to be subscribed to my English or my German blog. On Monday the 20th of August, I will give away the books for free. I choose you randomly.


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