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March 28, 2017

Now, I have prepared the pdf bundle to the C++ memory model/ Das C++ Speichermodell. To get it is quite simple.


If you subscribe to the newsletter, you will get the pdf bundle in return. Have a look at the right top corner of this page.This automatism makes it quite comfortable for me. People, who are already subscribed to my newsletter will get the pdf bundle automatically.


The pdf bundle to the memory model includes

  • my 14 posts to the C++ memory model.
  • all source code files to these posts.
  • a cmake file that requires a decent gcc or clang compiler (Maybe, a Visual Studio 2017 compiler will also work).


There are a few smaller issues with the fonts. Converting to pdf had a few issues if the font of the HTML source changed. This include in particular links and bold fonts. What is even more strange, is, that this is only a problem with the English posts. I manually fixed most of the issues.

To be honest, to create the pdf bundles and automate the process with a Python script was quite a job.


If you like the pdf bundle, I would be very happy to get a small donation. If you don’t like the pdf bundle, skip the donation. Therefore, I know that I should not put so much effort into further pdf bundles. 

Use my PayPal account schulung@grimm-jaud.de for the transfer.


Modernes C++,





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