January 3, 2017

In my post Time for Wishes, I asked: “How can I improved my blog?” And here are the answers.

Most readers answered that they are quite comfortable with the current style of the blog and its posts. But a few wanted more structure and are curious about the upcoming topics. I got in addition the advice that I should put my book more prominently.  

So, here is my plan.

Upcoming topics

At first, I will translate my German posts about functional programming into English. These are about 20 posts.

At second, my rework will start. I will write a few posts about the multithreading future of C++. This includes all the stuff that will come with C++17 or may come with C++20. This rework includes even posts about multithreading in C++14 and in particular the memory model.

Lastly, I will add additional posts to embedded programming with modern C++ and functional programming with C++.  

Improved structure

I have a few ideas to improve the structure of the blog and its posts.


Currently, I only provide you with tags for finding the relative topics. I will remove the general topics like multithreading, embedded, memory model and functional from the tag system. In addition, I will put the topics in categories. So you have the categories for finding the main topics and the tags for finding the subtopics.  


I try to put a TOC on each post. I can not promise this point because I tried it a few times and failed always. But that’s not all. I will rework the existing post and make them visually more appealing, if possible. 



Modernes C++,








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