March 1, 2017

I have written more than 130 posts on this blog. I covered the topics of multithreading, embedded, and functional programming in modern C++. I think a lot of my posts are quite good. Even better than the books I have written. So I had an idea.

I want to provide pdf bundles of my posts. Each bundle consists of a specific topic and will be about 10 – 15 posts. You will get a pdf in a nice layout of about 40 – 60 pages consisting of all posts and all their executable examples. To make it happen, I wrote a quite sophisticated python script.

This python script:

  1. Grabs all the required posts
  2. Purifies them
  3. Makes one document out of them
  4. Converts it into a pdf including a TOC
  5. Grabs the source files
  6. Makes a package out of them all

This pdf has two advantages for you.

  1. You can read my posts offline. I’m the first one how will benefit because I will stay in May for 4 weeks in a hospital.
  2. I want to give you a guide for reading my current and my upcoming posts in the right sequence. By following this guide, you get the most out of my posts and learn the most.

Now my question is. Which bundles should I provide? Now you have to vote. I will start with the bundle that gets the most votes. The vote will be open including the 23rd of March.

[sexypolling id=”3″]


If you want to have another bundle, please leave a comment or write an E-Mail to So your bundle will be part of the next vote.


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